The worlds of IT and communications services are increasingly overlapping. Did you know that 71% of enterprise organizations have now merged their budget for integrated communications and technology services?  This is a massive opportunity for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to expand their offerings, grow enterprise revenues, and Turn Big Business into Big Business.

But it’s complicated. While 46% of organizations want to work with a single vendor for Integrated Communications and technology (ICT), only 11% believe that a single provider can meet their complex and diverse needs. As a result, forward-thinking CSPs that can provide a full suite of tailored services and excellent customer experiences are at an immediate advantage to capitalize on this opportunity. 

Make Sure You Are Ready to Compete for Big Business 
  • Learn how enterprise businesses currently view communications service providers
  • Understand to what extent CSPs are a viable option for services that are the traditional domain of the IT service provider
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